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English to Indonesian: commerce

Exact Result:

English Indonesian
commerceperdagangan, perniagaan

Other Result:

English Indonesian
trade, commercedagang
department of commercedepatemen perdagangan
(departemen perdagangan) department of commerce.deperdag
chamber of commerce and industry in indonesiaKadin
[kamar dagang dan industri daerah] the provincial chamber of commerce and industry.kadinda
board of chamber of commercekamar dagang
chamber of commerce and industrykamar dagang dan industri
ministry of commercekementerian perdagangan
commerce, tradeniaga
trade, commerceperdagangan
trade, commerceperniagaan
1 scales of fish, reptile, etc. 2 turtle shell, esp. as article of commerce.sisik
commentator, commented, commented on, commenting, commenting on, commerce, commercial, commercial activities, commercial and administrative, commercial approach,