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English to Indonesian: culturally

Exact Result:

English Indonesian
culturallysecara cultural

Other Result:

English Indonesian
cross-culturalantar budaya
educational and cultural attacheatase pendidikan dan kebudayaan
protective culturalbudaya perlindungan
cultural observer, o. who writes about art, drama, etc.budayawan
cultural urgedorongan budaya
planning cultural urgedorongan budaya perencanaan
cooperative cultural urgehasrat budaya koperasi
creative cultural urgehasrat budaya kreatif
territorial cultural urgehasrat budaya wilayah
acquisitive cultural urgehasrat kultural pemilikan
cultural lagketinggalan budaya
socio-culturalkultur sosial
/kulturil/ cultural.kultural
[lembaga kebudayaan rakyat] the people's cultural association, a left-wing literary and cultural organization until the mid-1960s.lekra
[lembaga seni budayawan muslimin indonesia] muslim cultural association of indonesia, a branch of the islam party in the 1960s.lesbumi
cross culturallintas budaya
[organisasi kebudayaan] cultural organization.orkeb
cultural participationpartisipasi budaya
cultural approachpendekatan kultural
socio-cultural approachpendekatan sosial budaya
cultural rationalizationrasionalisasi kebudayaan
cultural realismrealisme budaya
cultural systemsistem berbudaya
culturallysecara cultural
cultural participation, cultural rationalization, cultural realism, cultural system, cultural urge, culturally, culture, culture and civilization, cultured, culvert,