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English to Indonesian: culture

Exact Result:

English Indonesian
culturekebudayaan, peradaban, pembiakan

Other Result:

English Indonesian
courtesy, culture, knowing properadab
cultured, have a certain cultureberbudaya
culture, practicebudaya
work culturebudaya kerja
occupational culturebudaya pekerjaan
department of culture and educationdepartemen kebudayaan dan pendidikan
department of education and culturedepartemen pendidikan dan kebudayaan
culture and civilizationkebudayaan dan peradaban
indonesian culturekebudayaan indonesia
[menteri pendidikan dan kebudayaan] minister of education and culture.mendikbud
minister of education and culturementeri pendidikan dan kebudayaan
[(departmen) pendidikan dasar dan kebudayaan] department of basic education and culture.pd&k
[pendidikan dan kebudayaan] department of education and culture.pdank
guardian, caretaker of culturepengemban
culture, civilizationperadaban
culture mediumperbenihan
pop culture.pop
of popular culture.populis
[pendidikan, pengajaran dan kebudayaan] ministry of education and culture.ppdank
a movement of the dayak to preserve their cultureWanra
cultural rationalization, cultural realism, cultural system, cultural urge, culturally, culture, culture and civilization, cultured, culvert, cumber,