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English to Indonesian: navy

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English Indonesian
navyangkatan laut

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English Indonesian
"angkatan laut republik indonesia, " the indonesian navyALRI
indonesian navyangkatan laut indonesia
1. (navy) dock. 2. see dokter.dok
[kepala staf angkatan laut] navy chief of staff.kasal
[kolonel] 1 colonel. 2 (navy) captain.kol.
(navy) eating utensils supplied on a boat.komaliwan
1 (mil.) corporal. 2 (navy) petty officer 3d class.kopral
[korps wanita angkatan laut] navy women's corps.kowal
lieutenant, often let as a term of familiar address. 2 (navy) lieutenant (junior grade).letnan
[markas besar angkatan laut] navy headquarters.mbal
[penerangan angklatan laut] navy information (office).penal
military police in air force or navyprovost
navigation aid, navigational, navigational aids, navigator, navvy, navy, nay, nbc, ne,